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Why CWC?

Every company has spare products and/or services in their storeroom. The producer might have miscalculated the demand for that particular product, or maybe the demand has changed meanwhile the product was made, leading to an unwanted amount of product / service piled up that must be stored, taken care of and administrated.

To all of these problems the CWC Unit system has the answer, as a Partner within the system will buy the unwanted products, after which the owner will receive the corresponding amount of CWC units, which currency can be spent within the system to purchase the necessary upgrades.

All in all, a product which can be hardly sold or can only be sold after a great amount of time will surely be converted to profit thanks to the barter exchange system.

The CWC structure is the market, the currency, the communication space and at the same time the accounting service between the Partners just like an ordinary bank.