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We are a renowned investor group corporation, and being a clearing bank we operate with a CWC Unit system.

CWC was born with the sole purpose of providing an alternative payment method for the new and old enterprises as well. With this opportunity, the newly born enterprises are able to evolve, and this way the existing enterprises are able to expand.

CWC fulfills a central coordinating role in the commercial relationship between the Partners, which is partly based on cash and on CWC Unit.

The financial solution of CWC does not involve interest, and as the own service and product of the enterprise is a method of payment, thus further increasing the enterprise's market position.

CWC assures an alternative marketing possibility that means the instant growth in the aspect of income and consumers as well.

A part of the income is administrated by the Partner on its' own "clearing account" - on which the CWC Units are placed.