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CWC benefits

New method of reselling

A new array of clients can be achieved by joining the CWC system, as the currency can only be spent within the system - meaning that it is the Partners' interest to buy from You.

Access to the CWC market

Being an international system, Your clientele will greatly increase the moment You join. If you have only started your firm recently, then You will have the appropiate market right from the start, where You can promote your service / product and where the consumers actually look and opt for your products and services.

Save cash

By using the CWC unit currency, You can save your actual cash.

Our Partners use the CWC unit currency whenever it's possible. Our Partners agree, that by using the services provided by CWC, they have access to products at a greatly beneficial price, as they only have to offer their own services and products in exchange.

The exchanges executed within the CWC system trigger multiple new possibilities, enabling the Partners with a reduced amount of cash to still maintain constant commercial activity.

More consumers

The Partners are eligible to ask for a credit frame, which can be used up within the circle of the other Partners, thus the consumers remain within the system. And on the other hand the much needed upgrades can finally be applied, which were previously unavailable due to the shortage of cash.

Beneficial financial solution

CWC provides a credit frame for the Partners, which can be used for expansion and development. Purchase of property, purchase of vehicles, equipment and fundamental materials.

The credit frames should not be payed back in cash, the CWC system makes it possible that instead of cash, the credit is payed back in form of selling the Partner's own service and product.

CWC frames do not contain interest, and are charged with a one-time handling fee.

Contact personnel

We provide a contact personnel to all of our Partners, who helps in coordinating the CWC commerce and in using the CWC Unit currency.

Marketing services

CWC will advertise the services and products among the Partners, thru local and international registrators as well. CWC provides a website, a newsletter, business events, presentations and business meetings.

CWC offers other commercial solutions for You along saving cash, and that is putting You in advantage of your competitiors on the market, who are limited to cash-only businesses and markets.